About Me

I began my journey to motherhood while pregnant with my first daughter, born August 2013. Pregnant during my yoga teacher training, I began to see firsthand the value yoga has for an expecting mother. From yoga poses that help alleviate back pain to breathing techniques to relax, I believe yoga can benefit every body in whatever stage of life they are in. While a natural birth was my hope for my first, I did very little to actually prepare for labor. Induced at 40 weeks, 3 days I asked for an epidural for pain management. Leia was born after 6 hours of labor healthy, at 8lbs. For the next 3 years, I practiced yoga daily as a Prenatal and Postpartum yoga instructor. I also began researching different holistic ways to improve my health and wellbeing and began using essential oils daily. When I got pregnant with baby number 2, I focused my energy on preparing the best I could for labor. I was determined to have an all-natural birth on my terms. When early labor began, I used breathing techniques, birthing ball, and specific yoga poses to help the pain at home.  When contractions became 3 minutes apart, we headed to Mercy Gilbert Hospital, where my 2nd daughter Isla was born also a healthy 8lbs in February 2017. My labor was only 2 hours start to finish and I was able to birth her with zero interventions (she came so quickly, there wasn’t even a doctor present). I credit her quick birth to daily yoga, staying home relaxed during early labor, and also getting in the labor tub at the hospital. Our bodies carry the ability to know how and when to birth, and her birth reaffirmed all of that for me. My postpartum journey was also very different for both of my girls. Working as a yoga instructor, I have interacted with mothers experiencing all types of pregnancies and deliveries. My hope is that every mother gets to have a birth on her terms and is always supported and taken care of during her recovery as well.

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