Who Is A Doula?

A doula gets to know you personally. I listen to your hopes and fears surrounding your pregnancy, delivery, and first moments with your baby. I provide my knowledge on what to expect while preparing for the start and duration of labor. I’ll never leave your side during labor and my goal is to make sure you always feel safe and supported. I’ll provide all-natural pain management techniques such as gentle physical touch (like counter pressure), breath work and visualization practice. I’ll also make sure your partner is equipped to help comfort you as well. As your doula I will listen, with zero judgement, and answer any and all questions surrounding your entire journey into motherhood.

Once in active labor, I will join you at your chosen birth place.

What a Doula does not do

A doula does not provide medical advice, intervention or assistance. A doula cannot make decisions for you. A doula does not replace your partner, but instead aims to work with them, all in support of you.

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